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Review of Accreditation Standards for the Psychology Profession in Australia 2014

Submissions to the Second Consultation Draft of the Core Standards have now closed.
For your reference, the Second Consultation Draft of the Core Standard is available for download here.

APAC has received the following submissions from stakeholders;

1. APS College of Clinical Psychologists  (789kb) AHPC

2. Yap, Dr Keong (20kb) AHPC

3. UNSW. Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (395kb) AHPC

4. Group of Placement Coordinators & Course Directors (336kb) AHPC

5. Griffith University (130kb) AHPC

6. Morrissey, A/Prof Shirley (322kb) AHPC

7. Stevenson, Dr Bruce (24kb) AHPC

8. University of Queensland (348kb) AHPC

9. Queensland University of Technology (465kb) AHPC

10. Flinders University, University of Adelaide & University of South Australia (165kb) AHPC

11. North, Prof Adrian (46kb) AHPC

12. Bond University (267kb) AHPC

13. Heads of Departments & Schools of Psychology Association (550kb) AHPC

14. Macquarie University (331kb) AHPC

15. Australian Clinical Psychology Association (357kb) AHPC

16. Monash University (145kb) AHPC

17. Flinders University (1) (159kb) AHPC

18. Griffiths, Dr Oren (56kb) AHPC

19. APS College of Counselling Psychologists (169kb) AHPC

20. Organisational Psychology Program Directors (88kb) AHPC

21. Flinders University (2) (1MB) AHPC

22. The Psychology Foundation of Australia (60kb) AHPC

23. ACT Health (580kb) AHPC

24. La Trobe University (362kb) AHPC

25. Cranney, A/Prof Jacqueline (340kb) AHPC

26. APS College of Health Psychologists (219kb) AHPC

27. Group of Eight Australia (291kb) AHPC

28. University of Melbourne (338kb) AHPC

29. University of Sydney (319kb) AHPC

30. Heads of Schools of the Group of Eight (115kb) AHPC

31. University of Western Australia (75kb) AHPC

32. Universities Australia (150kb) AHPC

33. Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project/Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association  (930kb) AHPC

34. Australian Psychological Society (298kb) AHPC

APAC welcomes feedback from stakeholders.