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Monitoring of Compliance with the Accreditation Standards

Annual Reporting to APAC by Accredited Higher Education Providers

All accredited higher education providers (except institutions which have undergone accreditation in the preceding year or have applied for accreditation in the current year), are required as a condition of their accreditation contract with APAC to complete and return an annual report of compliance with APAC Standards. The report is a condition of ongoing accreditation and is due no later than 30 April each year.

Annual Update Form  - Word icon - small (117kb)

Failure to notify APAC of changes to a provider or its programs of study may result in problems for graduates of the program and/or the revocation of APAC accreditation.

APAC Monitoring and Auditing Program

APAC maintains a program of monitoring and auditing of compliance with the Standards as required under Section 50 of the National Law, and audit assessments of accredited providers and their programs of study can be undertaken by APAC at any time. Where a higher education provider is selected for audit by APAC,  advance notice of the assessment and any required site visit(s) is provided.

Suspected Breaches of Standards

APAC is open to receiving feedback from stakeholders regarding potential breaches of the Accreditation Standards. Before advising of a potential breach, it is recommended that stakeholders read the relevant sections of the Accreditation Standards. APAC can only act on failures to uphold the Standards and  APAC is not the appropriate body to investigate other complaints or grievances - stakeholders are urged to use the formal grievance procedures established by the higher education provider for issues which do not concern a breach of APAC Standards. The accreditation process and the agreement which supports it deal with programs of study rather than individuals, so it is unlikely that an APAC audit would resolve any disagreement between a student (or other stakeholder) and the education provider.

If, after reading the Accreditation Standards, you believe that a breach of the Standards has occurred, please notify APAC, outline how each relevant accreditation standard is being breached, and detail what evidence you are able to provide to support the claim. APAC will not investigate an unsigned complaint, but APAC will respect a request for confidentiality (within the limits of legal discoverability) if confidentiality is requested at the time of the notification.