Australian Psychology Accreditation Council

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Submissions are listed in the order they were received.

1) Ms Melanie Turner 59) Australian College of Applied Psychology (School of Psychological Sciences)
2) Ms Anne-Marie Loney 60) Mr Jonathan O'Neill
3) Mr Matthew Roberts 61) Prof Craig McGarty
4) Mr George Willis 62) University of Melbourne (Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences) 

5) Mr Garth Bennett

63) Department for Education Child Development (Government of South Australia) 
6) Dr Sergio Fabris 64) Mr Robert Schweitzer and colleague
7) Ms Biljana Celeska 65) HODSPA 
8) Dr Joanne Dennison 66) University of Canberra (Centre for Applied Psychology)
9) Dr Melissa Harte 67) University of Adelaide (School of Psychology) 
10) Mr Jonathan Marginis 68) Ms Melanie Robson
11) Dr Sean Murray 69) APS Psychology of Intellectual and Disability Autism Interest Group
12) Teesside University (Doctorate in Counselling Psychology Team) 70) Queensland University of Technology (2016 Student Representatives PY09 PY20)
13) Prof Julian Trollor and colleague 71) TEQSA
14) Dr Niah Wilson 72) APS College of Health Psychologists
15) Ms Nicki McKenna 73) Swinburne University (Department of Psychological Sciences)
16) Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland 74) Mr Dave Misso 
17) Ms Ilana (Daphne) Konas 75) Queensland University of Technology (School of Psychology and Counselling) 
18) ACT Health 76) Ms Ethel Tillinger 
19) Adj Associate Prof Jan Grant 77) University of New England (Psychology staff) 
20) Dr Ladislav Timulak 78) Ms Anita Missiha
21) Assistant Prof Anusha Kassan 79) Monash University (Faculty of Education) 
22) Mr James Szeto 80) Australian Clinical Psychology Association
23) Ms Allison Macdonald 81) Ms Jo Skipworth
24) ANZPTC and Placement Coordinators listserves 82) Ms Nicole Cowper 
25) Mr Michael Di Mattia 83) Ms Jacquelyn Cranney
26) Mr Matthew Chappel 84) Mr Peter Macqueen 
27) APS College of Clinical Psychologists 85) University of Southern Queensland (School of Psychology and Counselling) 
28) Prof Andrew Neal and colleagues  86) Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association 
29) Ms Dianne Brown 87) Psychology Foundation Australia 
30) Dr Rebecca Rainbow 88) Griffith University (School of Applied Psychology)
31) Mr Josh Muller 89) University of Newcastle (School of Psychology) 
32) Dr Tristan Snell 90) Ms Tania Wallace 
33) Ms Lindy Noblet 91) APS College of Neuropsychologists 
34) Name Withheld 92) Psychology Private Australia 
35) Dr Karen Johnson 93) Ms Kelly James
36) Ms Emma Carter 94) Australian Catholic University (School of Psychology) 
37) Mr Nicholas Morley 95) Western Sydney University (Members in Psychology) 
38) Ms Ania Krysztofiak 96) Association of Counselling Psychologists 
39) Mr Bart Wszola 97) Mr Henry Jackson and colleague 
40) Ms Claire Goodlet 98) Flinders University (School of Psychology) 
41) University of Queensland  (School of Psychology)  99) University of Tasmania (Division of Psychology)
42) Associate Prof Jennifer Thornton and colleagues 100) Ms Ann Rowe 
43) Ms Sarah Jessen  101) Ms Marion Oke
44) Ms Leeanne Purdon  102) Mr Matt Ruch
45) Mr Gerard Knobel  103) Mr Joseph Coyne
46) Ms Karen Wansbrough  104) Australian Psychological Society
47) University of Wollongong (School of Psychology)  105) Victoria University (Discipline of Psychology)
48) Dr Miles Bore  106) Dr Phillip Kavanagh
49) Ms Janice Page 107) Dr Ben Mullings
50) Monash University (School of Psychological Sciences) 108) Mr Marko Turner
51) Associate Prof Charles Young 109) University of Tasmania (Centre for Rural Health)
52) Ms Maria Pavlou 110) Ms Samantha Clarke 
53) Ms Kerrie Veitch 111) Ms Marie-Anne Deighton 
54) Ms Serena Walker 112) Prof David Gleaves 
55) APS College of Counselling Psychologists 113) British Psychological Society 
56) Ms Linda Campbell 114) Ms Julie Waller 
57) Ms Wendy Wager 115) University of Western Australia (School of Psychology) 
58) Deakin University (School of Psychology) 116) Department of Education, Western Australia