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New Accreditation Standards for Psychology Programs - Approved

The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Limited (APAC) is an independent not-for-profit quality and standards organisation, appointed as an external accreditation entity under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009.

APAC’s mission:

APAC’s mission is to protect the public by conducting accreditation activities that ensure graduates of accredited programs receive a high quality education and are well equipped to employ their psychological knowledge and skills in the community. This includes, where relevant, being sufficiently qualified and competent to meet the registration requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia.

APAC’s activities include:

  • Developing standards for the education and training of psychologists for approval by the Psychology Board of Australia
  • Assessing higher education providers and the programs of study they offer to determine whether they meet the approved accreditation standards
  • Monitoring accredited education providers and their Programs of Study to ensure they continue to meet the Approved Accreditation Standards
  • Assessing accrediting and examining authorities in other countries to determine if graduates of the authorities’ examinations or accredited programs of study have the knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary to practise the profession in Australia
  • Supporting higher education providers in developing and maintaining high quality programs of education and training in psychology
  • Advising and consulting to a range of stakeholders including the the Psychology Board of Australia, governments, education providers and professional bodies on matters of education and training relevant to the psychology profession and discipline
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Latest News

Communique September 2017

APAC Board Communique - September 2017

APAC Accreditation Assessor

Calls for Expressions of Interest

Communique August 2017

APAC Board Communique - August 2017


New Directors for APAC

APAC is pleased to welcome two new directors: Professor Alison Garton, an appointee of the Psychology Board of Australia and Professor John Gleeson, an appointee of HODSPA. These directors replace Professor Shirley Morrissey and Professor John Dunn, whose terms finished recently.

Communique June 2017 #2

APAC Board Communique - June 2017 #2

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Standards Bulletin 10 - June 2017

Standards Bulletin 10 - June 2017 Board Welcomes Progress on Accreditation Standards

Communique June 2017 #1

APAC Board Communique - June 2017 #1

Standards Bulletin 9 - May 2017

Standards Bulletin 9 - May 2017 Proposed Accreditation Standards

Communique May 2017

APAC Board Communique - May 2017

Helena Gillies: 18 August 1957 ~ 2 April 2017

The directors, members and staff of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council note with great sadness the passing of our friend and colleague Helena Gillies.

After eight years of dedicated service to APAC, Helena Gillies resigned last month, because of her ongoing poor health. 

Helena began work as an employee of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), commencing on 6 April 2009. She was a key figure in the development of APAC as an independent body thereafter.

Helena was APAC’s Manager of Accreditation Services, reporting to the CEO and supervising a small team of administrative staff.  She worked closely with the Accreditation Committee and all the APAC assessors, and was considered an authority on all the technicalities of the Accreditation Assessment process.  Many of the Higher Education providers have advised that her support and good counsel has been invaluable over many years.

During a period of transition during which APAC was without a CEO, Helena took over as Acting CEO and Company Secretary, and kept the core business going as well as taking on additional duties

In late 2015 APAC completed the transition to independence from APS, and, with a new CEO and additional staff, moved to new premises.  Helena continued in her role until July 2016, when her illness necessitated a long absence.  With her usual strength of mind, Helena made the decision to return to work on reduced hours, and in January was offered the position of Director, Strategy & Policy, a flexible role which would have allowed APAC to benefit from her experience and new staff to benefit from her guidance.  Sadly, Helena was able to return to work only briefly before her illness overcame her again.

The Board of APAC wishes to record its thanks to Helena. All at APAC will remember Helena for her loyalty and dedication to her work, and for her fierce determination to live life to the full for as long as she was able.

Helena’s family has suggested that donations be made to the Breast Cancer Network, to honour her memory.

Scam Alert: APAC Insider April 2017

APAC has been alerted to a scam whereby people on our email lists may be contact by someone purporting to represent a journal published by us.

APAC doesn't publish any journals.  This is a scam.


The following news items can be provided upon request:

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